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Academic Fringe Rates


Fringe Rates for 2019-2020 have been approved by DHHS.
FT Faculty includes all Faculty, University Staff Executive, and most Professional Research Staff
FT Staff includes Classified Staff, University Staff M&P, and University Staff O&A
PT (20-29 hrs.) include all salaried Faculty and Staff working 20-29 hours per week

Breakdown of 2019-2020 Fringe Rates

FT Staff Fringe Rate: 39.6%
Retirement: 14.6%
Health Insurance: 13.7%
Social Security: 7.0%
Other Benefits: 4.3%

FT Faculty and All PT Employees: 28.9%
Retirement: 10.7%
Health Insurance: 10.7%
Social Security: 6.5%
Other Benefits: 1.0%