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Timekeeping Tools

Where to look in Workday?

  • Manager’s view: Use the Time and Absence app
  • Non-exempt individuals entering time worked: Use the Time app
  • Exempt and non-exempt individuals requesting time off: Use the Absence appTime-related notifications for non-exempt individuals 

Because entering time is required for non-exempt individuals, special notifications will be sent from Workday:

  • Weekly – All non-exempt individuals (regular, student, wage, temp) will receive a generic reminder to enter time every Friday at noon.
  • Once per pay period – Regular non-exempt individuals who are short on time entry (based on scheduled hours) will receive a customized notification on any affected payroll Monday at 9:00 a.m.

Time & Absence:  Workday Notifications

Managers are required to review and approve all time entries prior to payroll processing.  We have extended the approval deadline for Managers to 3pm of the Monday following the end of the pay period; this gives you 3 hours after the submission deadline for your employees.   

Special roles and permissions in Workday

Time Reporting Support Role – This role has been created in Workday to facilitate workflow by providing certain non-managers with access to time-tracking reporting.

  • Time Reporting Support role holders will be able to run the same time reports as managers:
    • No Time Entered
    • Time Entered But Not Submitted
    • Time Submitted But Not Approved
    • My Team’s Upcoming Time Off
    • UVA Hours Short 
    • UVA Critical Timesheet Errors
    • UVA Time and Time Off by Supervisory Orgs with Date Range
    • Time Off Results Detail (to view employees’ "Use or Lose" time)
  • They will not be able to enter, submit, or approve time on behalf of another employee.

Manager Delegation – Workday allows Managers to delegate time-related actions and approvals to an appropriate individual.

  • Delegates will have the ability to enter, submit, and approve time on behalf of another employee if the Manager includes those responsibilities during the delegation process.
  • Reports cannot be delegated.

View the Delegation Job Aid

Be sure to visit and browse the training website

A variety of resources are available on the training website to help you transition to Workday with confidence. New courses and training materials will be added frequently.